About Laura Kealoha

I was born into a Hawaiian household in Honolulu, Hawaii in a time when Hawaiian values were practiced. I was raised in the beauty of nature and from the time I can remember, I was in awe of the surrounding beauty.
My Hawaiian grandmother would take me to the beach and to the mountains and talk to me of simple things. She greatly influenced me and passed on her knowledge and energy. When I was young I had recall of past lives, and my grandmother taught me that my heritage went back many lifetimes.

My grandmother passed on into spirit when I was seven years old. Before she died she told me she was going to die and her spirit would always be with me. My vision in those younger days was for everyone to be happy and for there to be world peace. I collected Story Book Dolls from countries around the world and pictured people from all the different countries being happy and living in peace.

I attended Punahou school in Hawaii, and then the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where I majored in Philosophy and Education. I was always questioning while trusting my life would work out. I returned to Hawaii after college and started teaching Kindergarten. I married my first husband and moved to California where I sold Real Estate and began to raise a daughter.

When I was 33 years old my Hawaiian grandmother guided me to the University of Humanistic Studies where I received a Masters degree in Psychology and a PhD in Studies in Consciousness. She guided me to write my dissertation on the Kahuna and it was published years later as my book The Heart of Huna.

Laura Kealoha YardleyThe day I completed my work at the University and handed in my dissertation, my life took an abrupt detour, or so it seemed at the time. I was diagnosed as having malignant melanoma and told I had six months to live. The Kahuna believe we learn through our experiences and my healing journey became my life lesson after my years in academia.

Teaching and sharing the energy of Huna became my path and has continued to inspire and delight me. It has connected me with my childhood vision of peace and happiness.
For years I remained in California, opening a healing office in Mill Valley and teaching and traveling.

Shortly before the end of the millenium, I returned to Hawaii ago to assist my elderly parents, and called the island of Kauai home. It is still my spiritual home and I carry it with me wherever I go.  Presently I live in southern Oregon.