Heart of Huna

The Heart of Huna is the name I call my teachings and energy work.

I am part native Hawaiian and I have chosen to express myself through the spirituality and healing message of the Hawaiian Islands and their rich heritage. I teach my interpretation of Huna, which in Hawaiian refers to that which is hidden or deep.

My understanding of Huna separates the word into two words and their concepts. The first half of the word Huna, is hu, and it’s esoteric meaning is “the spreading out of the light to cause enlightenment.” The second half of the word Huna, is na, and it’s esoteric meaning is “centered calmness.” Thus, to me, Huna is “the spreading out of enlightenment through connecting to our own centered calmness.”

As I grew up in Hawai’i, my Hawaiian grandmother whom I call Puna, talked to me and taught me about the old ways. She initiated me into ancient energies which come directly from Lemuria through the Hawaiian Islands. After Puna passed into spirit she continued to be my teacher and also became my guide. She has continued to work with me to connect more deeply with the rich feminine tradition in Hawaiian energy healing.

Heart of Huna BookMy teachings are centered around the Hawaiian beliefs of lokahi (unity), mihi (forgiveness), ohana (family), kala (cleansing). I completed my graduate work at the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego in the late seventies where I wrote a dissertation on Hawaiian Kahuna Healing for my degree in Studies in Consciousness. Ten years later, this work was published as my book, The Heart of Huna.

Years ago the Ancient Lemurian Goddess Uli contacted me to assist her in bringing back the divine feminine energy, suppressed for generations, and now coming to the earth as 7th Ray energy connecting us to our feminine nature. Through our emotions and intuition we are returning to the true source within us. This is the energy of the heart. This is Huna.

I invite you to experience my work – to experience the gentle, loving spirit that is Hawaii.