Kahuna, Uli, and Lemuria

The Kahuna are the shamans and healers Hawai’i. They were the guardians of Huna, the “profound inner knowledge”. In ancient Hawai’i, the Kahuna healed and taught in the spirit and vibration of *Aloha*. the vibration of *Aloha* is spirit manifesting through love. The concept of *Aloha* is being in the presence of spirit. The purpose behind the *Kahuna* teachings is the revelation of truth within each individual.

The wisdom and knowledge of the *Kahuna* is very ancient, believed to have come directly from the ancient land of *Lemuria*, known as the “Lost Continent of the Pacific Ocean.” It is also known as “Mu”, or “The Motherland”. The people of *Lemuria* were spiritual and mystical, and they realized that the one source of positive knowledge was the Cosmic Mind.

To gain knowledge, they turned inward to connect with the Divine Cosmic Mind through meditation and concentration. They had great faith and trust in the Cosmic Mind, and in themselves as manifestations of the one Cosmic Mind. They were able to directly tap into it as “the source”. They developed the art of mental telepathy and were able to sense other dimensions with great ease.
In *Lemuria* the teachings were pure, balanced, and honored God/ Goddess. The ancient mother goddess of *Lemuria was known as the beloved goddess “Uli”. She was the most important deity in the ancient Hawaiian pantheon for she was mother of all the gods and goddesses. Uli is our Spiritual Heavenly Mother, the mother of us all, the female force of creation. She is the mate of Keawe who is our Spiritual Heavenly Father. Together they create harmony and balance.

Uli is birther of self, and by her example of self creation she shows and empowers us how to create ourselves exactly as we desire. She is the female generative force of the sun, or the Light of Life of the sun- *Ka Wahine Ke La!* It was Uli who released the Living Water that flowed in the Breath of Life from Keawe.

The Kahuna of *Hawai’i* were guardians of this ancient lineage of the great goddess Uli, as well as care takers of the esoteric knowledge. For a long time the carefully guarded secrets were in the hands of only the most high priests and seers, and the knowledge of Uli gradually went underground and the balance was upset. Now, however, the energy of Uli is available to all who call upon her. She is again coming forth to facilitate the remembering of this ancient wisdom, and to bestow her blessings on all those who turn to her.

The teachings of *Huna* are spreading and the goddess Uli brings her blessings to all. The ancient goddess Uli is bringing back the energy of the motherland, Lemuria, and initiating and blessing us with her divine feminine grace, beauty, and wisdom.