Personal Retreats

I enjoy creating specially tailored personal retreats with individuals or small groups of up to four people here on the island of Kauai. You create and plan your time on the island and then we work together to create a focus and framework in which to accomplish our intentions. Before you arrive on the island we have a phone session to start the process.
During your stay on Kauai we meet in person either in my office or where spirit guides us.
Upon your return home we have a phone session to complete and integrate your experience.

Group Retreats

Group retreats have always been an integral part of the Heart of Huna teachings and the unfolding of the understanding and reclaiming of the ancient wisdom.
From 1989 through 2002 I facilitated group retreats I called “Return to the Source” on the island of Kauai. These retreats were an important part of bringing back the teachings, and I am very grateful to every individual who participated in these gatherings.

At the present time I am not planning any group retreats of this nature.